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I like to do a combination of things when it comes to healthy living; and, a drive to live self-sustainably is one of the major ones.

Self-sufficient living means that you provide for all of your own needs without outside help or resources. It not only requires skill but firstly independence. As with any decision you make, your why needs to be strong enough.

Here is mine:

– Providing healthy foods for our household.

– To be in control of how I plant and harvest the foods so I know exactly what we consume.

– To feel a sense of independence.

– To develop an economical nature as it is cheaper to grow your own produce than buying it from the store. Plus, I always have it literally on my doorstep, instead of always driving somewhere to get it.

In reality, however, there are more reasons that you might not instantly think of. One example is preparedness. If anything goes awry, you won’t be shaken to the ground. It could be political. As there are major cooperations running the world and marketers targeting us from left and right, you might want to be in control of your own happenings. A pivotal reason might derive from the social disagreement as self-sustainable lifestyle produces less waste and supports local agriculture. Have you ever heard of a 100-mile diet? It runs hand in hand with self-sustainability. My fundamental one is obviously personal (as it should be anyone’s who decides to live self-sustainable). I feel accomplished by growing my own crops and I like to know exactly what goes into my mouth. There’s a smaller footprint left behind if you’re one who cares about the environment deeply. The one aspect I prefer the most is economic as seeds are normally inexpensive and most can be easily cultivated by yourself.

There is no guide for becoming self-sustainable. For me, it most definitely didn’t happen overnight. I also didn’t choose it intentionally, but it rather flowed naturally.

Look for opportunities within your community to barter. You can trade your produce with some of what your neighbor produced. Look for suitable jobs in your area and operate from home when possible. You’ll save gas. Also be mindful of what car you’re driving, if you can’t avoid commuting (opt for public transportation or carpooling when possible). Or when the weather is nice, biking is always a great way to get your exercise in while going places, too.

You’ll learn new skills, achieve financial freedom, and learn how to make things last. Buy clothing made of natural materials as it will last you longer, and will leave smaller effects on the environment. If you are considering to get a new pair of yoga leggings then these cotton leggings from Amazon would be a good sustainable choice. Learning to sew and making your own clothes is also a great way to make materials last much longer than they normally would.

It is in human nature to prefer options; and, there are always alternatives to what we choose – so choose wisely. For me, there are still major areas where I’m rather merging the best of both worlds; but it’s the kind of lifestyle I’m proud of leading.

It obviously depends on the community in which you live in and to what extent you can manage self-sustainable living. Starting out by carrying your own reusable bags to the store and buying unpackaged produce in your own glass containers is a great start. Paired with eating foods that are produced locally and in the season, you’re on a great track to help form a cleaner environment for us all.

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