Five Interesting Facts about Vinyasa Yoga

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While performing yoga may seem as simple as exercising on a mat, there is much more to it. More so when it comes to Vinyasa yoga. Although you may already know that Vinyasa yoga is a yoga performed in a flowing motion, there are other aspects that you may not. Here are five interesting additional facts that you may not know.

Vinyasa Offers Diversity

Most types of yoga follow in the same poses and the same exercises every time. For example, Hatha yoga follows a sequence of 26 postures every time. This can be a bit boring when done repeatedly. Vinyasa yoga on the other hand, offers a different kind of spice. No one can fully predict the movements since there is a different approach every time.

This has the benefit of creating mental clarity for practitioners. The only thing student is expected to control is their reaction to these movements. The Vinyasa yoga instructor is not held into following a set sequence, giving them room to be more creative. This also explains why many other branches of yoga have developed.

Faster Paced

Vinyasa yoga is an offshoot of Hatha yoga, a stricter type of yoga. Vinyasa yoga is designed to be faster and more fun. One key factor is that it is faster paced, and the movements are linked together with breathing motions. This is why it is considered to have greater health benefits compared to other forms of yoga.

It’s More Complete

In one single session, a practitioner can move through all the asana families or categories. Each posture in yoga comes from one of these categories. The categories include all standing postures, forward bends, and backbends. In other types of classes, the students go through each category over the weeks. This can delay one’s understanding of yoga in general, as compared to Vinyasa yoga.

It’s Very Accommodative

One of the common fears of those wishing to take yoga classes is that they will be unable to master the poses. Some look too complicated to achieve while others appear tiring. In Vinyasa yoga, the instructor meets the student at the middle. That’s why it is said that Vinyasa yoga accommodates people of all shapes and sizes.

The shapes and sizes of our body structures are different. This creates a difference where each person achieves each pose differently. There are those who have short hands, open hips, or longer limbs. Each of these people will experience yoga differently. With this in mind, a Vinyasa yoga teacher will embrace each student accordingly.

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It Tells a Story

The sequence of movements in Vinyasa yoga is designed to tell the life story. The practitioners start their movements with the child pose and end with the death pose. It is supposed to show one’s movement through life.

Each pose is a transition that one is supposed to embrace gracefully, even in life. The transitions represent the in-between and every part of life is connected to the next. Therefore, while we may not be where we want to be in life, we always know that we are on our way there.

These are the five interesting facts that you may not have known about Vinyasa yoga. You can now share with your friends and teach them something they may not know.

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